Artistic approach

In my work, light systems reveal spaces that throw our habitual reference points into disarray. My installations lead the public into places filled with light and chromatic variations determined by certain wavelengths that have an unsettling effect on the senses. Light brings visitors into another space that is modified and given added density. It is as if they are sucked into, and immersed in, an area of moving light that either physically changes their spatial bearings or physiologically changes the reference points of their perception. The way space is experienced in new configurations of light becomes a physical and aesthetic experience that relates to an attempt to synchronise architecture, its built setting, and light. This work requires a preliminary reconnaissance of the space and a detailed analysis of its essence, so that it can then be totally modified and so that light of different intensities can be injected into it to modify its density. My installations offer visitors or users a new way of experiencing space and buildings. Light and its chromatic variations (or wavelengths) create feelings of energy that I vary according to the setting and the individual situation. These two parameters (chromatic and electric) circulate between the setting and the people inside it, producing an experience that is always modified by the movements of the visitors themselves as they walk around. My investigations have led me to explore the influence of light on biological systems and to test the limits of perception and the psychotropic effects of light. Light is something that reveals a constant influence on ourselves, and which speaks of the way we confront the here-and-now.

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